3 Custom Accessories Every Woman Needs In Her Handbag

As a woman, your handbag is probably like your traveling companion. This one accessory carries all the items you need to get you through wherever you may be going, which could be a lot of places on a daily basis. Having a purse custom-made is an awesome idea, but it is also a good idea to customize some of those accessories that you carry in your purse just the same. Here is a look at three custom accessories every woman must have in her handbag: [Read More]

Easy Ways To Find And Make Fashionable, Modest Clothing

In interesting article in The Atlantic says that some psychologists believe in a theory called "enclothed cognition," where what you wear directly affects how you think and act. While the psychological studies were mainly looking at how athletic clothing encourages individuals to seek out more physical activity, this enclothed cognition theory can certainly be applied to other garments, like modest clothing. "Modesty" is the state or quality of being unassuming, humble, and unpretentious. [Read More]

What Type Of Footwear To Wear When Working In A Factory?

It is important to wear the proper clothing and footwear in a factory to avoid injury. As a factory worker, you spend long hours working, standing, and lifting depending on your job. You also have a production output to meet each day. If you are working around heavy objects, then you want to protect your feet. Many factory workers face leg and foot problems. These problems occur because of the wrong footwear and standing long hours. [Read More]