3 Custom Accessories Every Woman Needs In Her Handbag

As a woman, your handbag is probably like your traveling companion. This one accessory carries all the items you need to get you through wherever you may be going, which could be a lot of places on a daily basis. Having a purse custom-made is an awesome idea, but it is also a good idea to customize some of those accessories that you carry in your purse just the same. Here is a look at three custom accessories every woman must have in her handbag:

Custom Wallet

When you don't want to pack along your entire purse, simply grabbing your wallet to take your essentials with you is a pretty common thing to do. Unfortunately, a wallet is a fairly easy thing to lose, especially if it is not that big. Have your wallet customized with a personalized monogram or emblem, so it is easy to identify if you do inadvertently leave it on a dining table, in a store, or at the office. You will be thankful that you did if someone recognizes your custom wallet and returns it to you. 

Custom Pen

How many times do you reach for your pen during the day? How often do you loan a pen from your purse? If you are constantly reaching for a pen, make it a customized one so you can keep better track of it. Pens are one of the most commonly lost items and having one that is customized will mean you will likely be able to hang onto the one you keep in your purse for longer than you normally would. You don't really have to go all out with a customized pen either; simply having it engraved with your initials can be enough of a reminder for people to return your pen if it is borrowed.

Custom Makeup Bag

If you are like a lot of ladies, your handbag will contain a makeup pouch that you use to take along the necessities with you while you are out and about, from your lipstick to your hand lotion. This bag probably gets pulled out while you're on your lunch break to touch up your lipstick, carried to the restroom with you while on a date, and definitely makes its rounds. This means that your makeup bag is more likely to be lost, so make sure its customized in a way that it is easily recognizable as yours. 

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