Performance Tees And Shirts: A Low-Budget Tool For Building Employee Confidence And Bettering Your Brand

Small business owners already know their employees are the critical ingredient in building a recipe for success. But many struggle with the dilemma of finding ways to strengthen employee relationships, especially in situations where the company is young and has not yet had sufficient success to afford employee bonuses or other expensive benefits. These same small businesses may also be dealing with similar issues in finding affordable ways to market and strengthen their brand. If you are a small business owner struggling with one or both of these problems, you may be able to accomplish both goals with just one very affordable tool—performance tees and shirts.

Show appreciation by boosting employee comfort and safety on the job

Businesses that can find ways to improve their employee's comfort and safety levels on the job will enjoy more positive employer-employee relationships, overall. Employees involved in jobs where they work outdoors or in buildings with insufficient heating or cooling will be appreciative when provided with attractive, comfortable, long sleeve performance shirts or tees that can be worn while working. Workers who are likely to be especially appreciative of this type of gift include employees who are involved with: 

  • exterior construction, including masonry, carpentry, paving, and concrete workers

  • warehouse and delivery workers, especially those who work in unheated warehouses or on exposed docks

  • contractors who do interior renovations, such as cabinet makers, tile layers, carpet installers, and glass installers

  • skilled tradesmen, such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC installers

  • service providers, such as lawn care and pool maintenance workers

When selecting performance tees and shirts for these workers, look for designs  and high visibility colors that will keep them comfortable in all types of weather and enhance their safety while performing their duties.  

Add logos and graphics to boost the company brand

Finding ways to increase the exposure of your company to potential clients and customers is the goal of any successful marketing campaign. "The Rule of Seven" is an often-used rule of marketing that suggests that your message or brand must be seen at least seven times by a prospective client or customer before they will be moved to buy your product or service. While newspaper ads and mailed advertising pieces can certainly help make your company more visible, the cost of these traditional advertising methods can be impossible for a small business enterprise to afford.

Instead of attempting to budget for huge media ad buys or expensive mailers, small businesses who plan to provide their employees with performance tees or shirts can also use them as a tool to build their brand and attract new business. To do this, simply choose a supplier who can customize your order to include your business logo or marketing message. Before committing to a large order of shirts, remember to ask for a sample so that you can see if any color or design changes are needed to make sure that your message and company name is correct, attractive, and as visible as possible, even from a distance. 

Consider including employee family members when providing performance tees and shirts

A convenient way to easily increase the exposure of your brand is to include employee spouses, partners, and children when gifting performance tees and shirts. Doing this will help to ensure that your company's logo, brand, and marketing message is seen throughout your area as families shop for groceries, run errands, and attend local sporting events. To make this type of marketing even more effective, make sure that the performance shirts and tees you choose are distinctive and easily recognized as associated with your company. 

To learn more about performance tees and shirts and how they can benefit your small business, contact a reputable clothing supplier and ask to speak with the customer care representative.