Easy Ways To Find And Make Fashionable, Modest Clothing

In interesting article in The Atlantic says that some psychologists believe in a theory called "enclothed cognition," where what you wear directly affects how you think and act. While the psychological studies were mainly looking at how athletic clothing encourages individuals to seek out more physical activity, this enclothed cognition theory can certainly be applied to other garments, like modest clothing. "Modesty" is the state or quality of being unassuming, humble, and unpretentious. Although clothing doesn't define a person, wearing modest clothing may help you keep these positive inward qualities in your thoughts. Whether you want to wear modest clothing for personal reasons or religious reasons, here are some tips to help you find or make modest clothing

Go Online and Seek Out Niche Stores

In the past, it may have been incredibly hard to find modest clothing in your local area. However, you are not restricted to your local area anymore; there are so many vendors online that cater to this niche and understand that there's a demand to be filled. For instance, even if you aren't religious, you are more than welcome to shop from stores that cater towards a religious demographic. For example, because there is a large LDS population (Mormons) in Utah, there are many local boutiques that sell modest clothing online to help women find fashionable clothing that meets their standards.

Again, you don't have to be a member of a certain religion to shop at these stores: these online vendors sell to anyone who is seeking modest options. Besides shopping at stores that cater to a certain demographic, make sure you do Google search for vintage clothing. There are many unique and fashionable vintage pieces or faux-vintage pieces which are modest. Some peer-to-peer e-commerce sites, like Etsy, can help you find smaller vendors who make one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces that are both artistic and modest.

Look For Layers and Undergarments

When you go shopping and see a piece that you like that doesn't meet your standards, don't give up just yet. Assess the piece to see if anything can be added on top or underneath. If you find a summer dress that has a low back or now sleeves, consider adding a cardigan. If it's too hot for a cardigan, consider a fitted shrug. While shrugs cover less of the body than a vest, they still are tailored to cover your back and shoulders. Cardigans and shrugs may even add an element of interest to your dress. Look at the dresses patterns and colors to choose an accent color for your cardigan/shrug. For some maxi dresses, you may be able to get away by putting a solid t-shirt underneath. However, this method doesn't always work style-wise, so it's often best for very casual maxi dresses.

If you find a shirt that has a plunging neckline, consider looking for a cami shirt to wear underneath. If pants are too low or a shirt just a a little too short, camis can also be worn to cover your midriff if you bend over. Camis are great because they are typically longer and less thick than tanktops, so they give you adequate coverage and fit underneath shirts without adding bulkiness.

Invest In Some Sewing Classes

Although sewing can sometimes be expensive, knowing even a little bit can help you make alterations, such as adding sleeves or buttons. If you need to buy modest clothing not only for yourself, but children, then this can be a fun skill to teach and a great bonding activity. If you can't afford sewing classes at the moment, consider looking for instructions online; there are also many great free Youtube tutorials. To save even more money, be sure to clip coupons, go on Groupon, or get promo codes online before heading to the fabric store.

As you can see, finding or making womens modest clothing doesn't have to be impossible. It may involve a bit more legwork at first, but once you find your go-to stores or learn a few sewing tricks, you'll be able to have modest clothing that is stylish instead of drab.