Trash That Dress!: Wedding Dress Options That Help You Participate In This Fad

If you are part of the new generation that revels in the idea of destroying your wedding gown, then you may want to rethink dropping thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. On the one hand, you want to look gorgeous when you marry, but on the other hand, trashing your wedding dress after spending thousands of dollars on it may send your parents (or your fiance) to the moon. You could meet in the middle, compromise, and do one of the following if you are still set on destroying a wedding frock and getting some very personalized and memorable photos. [Read More]

How To Keep Your Feet Clean When Wearing Sandals

Alegria sandals are great for keeping your feet cool during the warmer months. However, your naturally oily and sweaty feet can serve as magnets for dust and dirt accumulation. This can make your feet look dirty by the end of the day. When your feet look bad this can cause your entire body to look unkempt and unclean. Fortunately, you can still wear Alegria sandals without having your feet look dirty and disgusting. [Read More]