How To Keep Your Feet Clean When Wearing Sandals

Alegria sandals are great for keeping your feet cool during the warmer months. However, your naturally oily and sweaty feet can serve as magnets for dust and dirt accumulation. This can make your feet look dirty by the end of the day. When your feet look bad this can cause your entire body to look unkempt and unclean. Fortunately, you can still wear Alegria sandals without having your feet look dirty and disgusting.


Choose sandal styles that raise your feet slightly off the ground and that have slightly raised edges. While this doesn't mean you have to wear heel or platform style shoes, avoid wearing sandals that are flat. Flat sandals keep you right at the same level as all the dirt and other debris found on the ground, making it easier for it all to end up on your feet.

Foot Care

Dry, rough feet have pockets of dead skin that make for great hiding places for dirt to accumulate. Once dirt penetrates these spaces, it can be difficult to remove it. You can keep your feet smoother and cleaner by using a pumice stone and by moisturizing your feet. As an added tip, always moisture your feet the night before you plan to wear your Alegria sandals. If you moisturize just before you walk out the door, the moisturizer could also be a dirt magnet.


As previously stated, sweat is one of the factors that cause your feet to attract so much dirt throughout the day. Choose materials that allow your feet to breathe and that absorb sweat. Rubber, leather and cork are all materials that are good at accomplishing these goals. You want to avoid sandals made from plastic materials as the plastic can actually make your feet sweat more. This won't just make your feet dirtier, but smellier too.


Dirt that has collected inside your sandal can also transfer onto your feet and cause them to get excessively dirty. Avoid this problem by cleaning your shoes. The material makeup of your Alegria sandal will determine how you can clean your shoes. If you aren't able to machine wash them, dip an old toothbrush into a mild detergent and water mixture. Scrub the toothbrush along the insole of the sandal to remove any dirt. Allow the sandal to completely dry before wearing again.

Don't tarnish the style appeal of your Alegria sandals with dirty feet. Make sure you are working to keep your feet clean. For more information about Alegria sandals, go to