Trash That Dress!: Wedding Dress Options That Help You Participate In This Fad

If you are part of the new generation that revels in the idea of destroying your wedding gown, then you may want to rethink dropping thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. On the one hand, you want to look gorgeous when you marry, but on the other hand, trashing your wedding dress after spending thousands of dollars on it may send your parents (or your fiance) to the moon. You could meet in the middle, compromise, and do one of the following if you are still set on destroying a wedding frock and getting some very personalized and memorable photos.

Buy Two Wedding Dresses

It might be overkill, but you could buy a cheap wedding dress for under $200, one that is still beautiful and still looks like something you would wear on your big day. This is the dress you save to trash after the wedding ceremony. Then you can plunk a couple thousand down on the designer dress to wear to and through your ceremony. The more expensive dress you can save, donate, or let your mom box up and store at her house.

Buy a Cheap Wedding Dress for Both the Ceremony and the Trashing

You can find a very inexpensive dress that looks pretty enough but is still in line with your designs to trash the dress. This is essential, especially if you want to set the dress on fire, play paintball while wearing the dress, mud wrestle pigs or your best friend (or even your new hubby), or wade through salt water or a frozen pond.

All of these extreme ideas beg for cheaper dresses because then you do not feel any guilt at all about destroying them. In fact, if you buy a really simple or very plain dress, how you trash it may even improve its appearance, transforming it into a work of art, and something you may decide to keep (as long as you do not opt to shred it).

Buy a Non-Wedding Dress or All White Suit

Brides who elope or marry later in life buy white dresses that are not sold as wedding dresses. They also buy white suits, with either a white pencil-style skirt or white slacks. Since these outfits can still represent your marriage outfit and cost significantly less than even the least expensive, discount wedding dress. 

If trashing the dress is part of your wedding plans, talk to a dress shop like Bridal Extraordinaire about budget options to help you make your day more memorable.