4 Ways To Style A Simple White Dress

It's hard to imagine a simpler item of clothing than a plain white dress. At first thought, you may look past such a dress on the rack, figuring that it lacks character or originality. But while the dress itself may be a bit plain, you'll look anything but plain when you wear it -- as long as you style it appropriately! Here are four awesome ways to style a simple white dress.

1. With a colorful belt

The white will look so much brighter when contrasted by a brightly colored belt. Look for a wide belt in a bold, solid color. You can vary the color by the seasons -- try magenta or yellow for the spring, and red or green throughout the Christmas season. You can pair shoes of the same color with your dress, or you can opt for white shoes for a somewhat more subdued look.

2. With hippie beads and a satchel

If you like the Bohemian-inspired, hippie-like look, then shop for a colorful, beaded necklace to wear with your white dress. The beads will stand out against the white dress, which makes the dress the perfect backdrop for their intricate patterns. Add a cross-shoulder satchel to hold your money, lipstick, and phone, and you'll be all set. This is a look you can wear to a summer concert or backyard party, allowing you to get more mileage out of that white dress.

3. With a blazer

If you're going for a professional look, then layer a dark blue or black blazer over your white dress. Black or blue pumps and a simple silver necklace complete the look. This is an outfit you can wear to an interview and look absolutely classy, whether you're interviewing for a lower-level sales job or an executive position. 

4. White leggings and a cardigan

When the temperature drops and you want to look cute, yet classy, don a pair of patterned leggings under your simple white dress. On top, throw on a simple cardigan to keep your shoulders warm. You can wear this outfit with short or tall boots, and if it's really chilly, you can add a scarf. There's so much room to play with colors since your base layer is white!

With the styling options above, your simple white dress will feel anything but boring. You may even find that you want to add several modest white dresses to your collection.