Gnarly Threads For A Bodacious Bod: 80s Fashion That's Rad (Again)

For this generation of nostalgia, what's old is new again — and this is particularly true for fashion trends from the 80s, which are coming back into vogue nearly 40 years later. Whether you're anxious to go out and supplement your modern wardrobe or digging in your closet for some old favorites, you'll be glad to know that an old decade can still have some new tricks.

But how do you know what specific trends are righteous and which ones are still bad news? If you're looking for some tips on what 80s threads to rock in 2018, then here's what you need to know.

Athletic Shoes

The aerobics craze brought a whole new level of popularity to athletic shoes in the 80s, ensuring that they came in every fit, style, and (probably neon) color in the world. Statement tennis shoes are back and better than ever, with modern leaps in shoe technology ensuring a better fit no matter what size shoe you wear.

Not only are 80s colors back when it comes to athletic shoes, but the large white sole that was so iconic during that decade is back as well, ensuring that you look your best while shopping, running errands, or, yes, sweating to the oldies. 

Shoulder Pads

Mocked endlessly after the 80s concluded, shoulder pads are one trend most people never thought would come back — and yet, blazers, shirts, and jackets this year are coming out with sharp silhouettes aided by those much-laughed-at little pieces of foam.

Before you get too excited and bring out your jacket with a wingspan like a condor, these modern shoulder pads are slimmer, shorter, and more tailored to give you the appearance of a smaller waist through broader shoulders without poking your friends and family in the eye whenever you walk near them.

Off-the-Shoulder Necklines

Nothing screams "80s" like an off-the-shoulder silhouette for shirts, sweaters, and dresses — and that effortless, sexy style is back again decades later. Not only does this neckline give a certain feeling of devil-may-care to an otherwise nondescript outfit, but it also can help keep you cooler in the summer than having both your shoulders covered.

For a look that would make the whole decade give you a standing ovation, pair an off-the-shoulder thin sweater with a pair of high-waisted shorts and voluminous curly hair. You'll be trendy, cool, and ready for anything in this completely in-fashion style.