Three Tips For Caring For A Scarf

A scarf can be an excellent accessory for helping to keep you warm on chilly days. However, it is an unfortunate fact that improper care can greatly shorten the lifespan of these garments. To help you avoid inadvertently damaging your scarf, you should make sure to keep these three care tips in mind when you are washing or wearing it.

Use A Wash Bag

Ideally, you should hand wash your scarfs to prevent them from getting tangled in your other clothes. When the scarf gets tangled, it can easily become stretched or otherwise warped. However, hand washing the scarf may not always be a possible or practical option. In instances where you must machine wash your scarf, you should always put it in a wash bag. These are mesh bags that are designed to keep delicate garments separate from the rest of your clothes.

Air Dry In A Shaded Area

After washing the scarf, you should allow it to air dry. The intense heat of the dryer can cause the scarf to shrink, which may make it unwearable. However, you may want to avoid drying the scarf in direct sunlight. Intense sunlight can cause the scarf to be unevenly heated, which can contribute to shrinking. Additionally, the intense ultraviolet rays of light can contribute to causing the colors to fade because these light rays can actually bleach the fabric of the scarf. By making it a point to dry your scarf in the shade, you can help ensure that you minimize this type of wear and tear.

Cut Loose Threads

Eventually, you will find a loose thread in your scarf. This may not seem like a serious problem, but it can quickly turn into one. This loose thread will gradually worsen until it has caused a noticeable portion of the scarf to unravel. Once this has occurred, it will likely be necessary for you to replace the scarf. To avoid this problem, you should always cut the threads when you notice them. If you make the mistake of attempting to pull this thread out or rip it, you can inadvertently cause the scarf to suffer extensive damage.

Your scarfs can represent an essential part of your wardrobe because they can be a functional and aesthetically pleasing accessory. However, making mistakes when washing, drying or addressing loose threads can cause serious harm to these garments. By ensuring you appreciate the need to use a wash bag, let the scarf air dry and cut loose threads as soon as possible, you can help ensure your scarf looks great for as long as possible.

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