How To Choose Women's Footwear To Wear For A Special Event

If you've got a special event, such as a wedding, graduation or anniversary party coming up, you've most likely put some thought into what you're going to wear. While it's important to choose the right clothing items and accessories to wear on the big day, don't forget to pick the perfect shoes as well. Sometimes, shoes can make or break an outfit, so put some thought into what you want before hitting the store. 

Here are some things to ask yourself when shopping for special occasion shoes:

1. What style works well with my ensemble?

The first thing to determine before shopping is what style shoe will enhance your outfit. As an example, you may need a high-heeled shoe if you're wearing a long party gown that's a bit too long. It may be faster and cheaper to elevate yourself with heels rather than get the frock hemmed. 

On the other hand, choose stylish flats to wear with a short, above-the-knee dress or skirt for the most flattering look. In cooler months, flat-heeled knee-high boots may be appropriate, especially if you're attending a casual affair. If you want something in between, opt for delicate kitten heels for a touch of height. 

2. Does the color coordinate with my outfit?

While they don't have to match your clothing perfectly, it's crucial that the shoes complement the outfit, such as a dress or pant suit, that you've chosen to wear. For instance, you don't have to wear navy blue heels with a navy blue dress, but pick a pair in a color, such as silver or nude, that works with the hue.

On the other hand, you may want to use shoes to add a pop of color to your special event wear. Red heels will add drama to a little black dress, while gold peep-toes will give the ensemble a touch of glamour, especially when paired with coordinating jewelry. 

3. Are they comfortable enough?

It doesn't matter how perfect a pair of shoes looks with your outfit if they're causing you pain throughout the event. This is especially true if you'll be on your feet often, such as dancing at a wedding reception or cheering a team on from the sidelines.

Make sure to try the shoes on and walk around in them before making your purchase. Put them back on the shelf if they pinch your toes, rub your heels, or cause any other type of discomfort. For more information, contact a company that specializes in women's footwear, such as Style Enhanced.