Looking For A Bachelorette Party Gift That Isn't Tacky? What To Consider

If you are invited to a bachelorette party and you don't want to get the bride-to-be something tacky or perverted, there are many classy gifts you can get instead. There are gifts that a bride will actually need and want for their wedding day or their honeymoon, and you don't have to feel uncomfortable giving them something that they may not want or appreciate. Here are a few of the items that you should consider for the bride.

Local Clothing Boutique Credit

Do you have a high end clothing boutique in your area, or a store that has unique clothes that the bride would love for their honeymoon? If so, you'll want to arrange a credit for them to shop at the store, and they can pick out what they want. Getting them a credit for a boutique that has an intimate feel and a selection beyond what you typically see at the chain stores is a great way to pamper them before they head off for their wedding day and vacation.

Personal Fitting and Gift Card

Picking out lingerie for someone else can be weird, and it may not be their taste or the fit they prefer. Instead, pay for them to get a personal fitting to find out exactly what their bra or lingerie size is, and get them a gift card to shop at that lingerie store. They can get exactly what they want so they feel comfortable and confident when they slide their pieces on.

Spa Day

A spa day before their wedding day to prepare for the wedding night and the honeymoon is a great gift, and it's one less expense the bride has to worry about. Many salons and spas have bridal packages that include a facial, massage, hair styling, nails and more. Find out if the bride already has a package like this or if there are a lot of treatments they want to have done before their wedding.

If you don't like gifts that are shaped like genitals, and you don't think you would want to purchase a gift that the bride would use privately or intimately with their partner, these are all great choices that they will appreciate instead. You don't have to follow the traditions of gag gifts and other things that come with a bachelorette party, and instead you can get the bride something that the can use for years to come.