How To Make The Most Of Owning A Taeyobox Racerback T Shirt

Owning a t-shirt, like a TaeYoBox racerback t-shirt, can be a big investment that can last you for a long time, given you know how to care for and wear your new garment successfully. To get the most out of your investment, you need to make sure that you do the following things. This way, you get a lot out of your investment and really enjoy your new pieces.

Don't over-wash your shirt

You'll keep the materials of your TaeYoBox racerback t-shirt or similar shirt in better condition longer if you wash your shirt appropriately. Don't over-wash your shirt; rather, hand wash the shirt when you spill something on it or it starts to smell a bit musty or like body odor, then hang the garment to dry. Only place your garment in the washing machine if it's severely dirty and cannot be spot cleaned.

The handwashing and lack of washing — you can wear the shirt more than once before washing it — will keep the colors vibrant and keep the shape of the garment in better condition so it fits like new longer and won't wear out as quickly. You can even make your own handwashing detergent out of vinegar and water in a spray bottle; once the vinegar dries the garment will smell fresh and not like vinegar at all. As a bonus, vinegar is a natural germ killer which means it's ideal for your active-wear pieces.

Pair the clothing with casual pieces

Just because a shirt is designed to be more of a workout piece doesn't mean you can't enjoy it as a casual piece as well. Pair a TaeYoBox racerback t-shirt or similar type of shirt with a pair of jeans or a jean skirt or put the shirt together with a pair of jeggings or leggings that give the shirt a more chic appeal. To make the shirt more business-ready, pair the piece with a blazer or jean jacket.

Don't forget about the accessories you can wear with a shirt like this. You can wear a bracelet or designer hair tie with a racerback t-shirt to give the clothing a sporty yet fashionable appeal so you don't have to restrict this clothing to just the gym or a workout.

If you want to get the most out of your workout attire, work with what you've got. You'll be able to get the most out of your clothing when you know how to both wear and take care of it.

For more information on a TaeYoBox racerback t-shirt, contact a company like TaeYoBox.