Washing Your High-Quality Lingerie

Lingerie can be an option that is popular for bringing excitement to the more intimate aspects of a relationship. However, these garments can be fairly fragile, and it is important to effectively care for them to keep them in good condition.

Hand Wash The Lingerie Whenever Possible

Washing lingerie can be a dangerous type of maintenance for these garments. The fabrics used in lingerie can easily warp, stretch, or even tear if they are placed in a washing machine. This is particularly true when washing the lingerie with other garments as they can become tangled together. To avoid this type of wear, your lingerie should always be hand washed. This can allow you to safely clean the garment without the risk of severely warping or fraying it. Furthermore, the lingerie should always be washed in cold water as heat can be another factor that may contribute to the fabric stretching or shrinking.

Allow The Lingerie To Air Dry

Lingerie should always be allowed to air dry. Fortunately, the materials used in these garments will typically retain fairly small amounts of water, which can allow them to dry very quickly. Typically, the bra of these sets will take the longest to dry, but you can help to speed up this process by placing a fan to blow on them. This will increase the airflow over the garments so that they will fully dry far more quickly. Ideally, these garments should be kept out of the sun during the drying process as the solar light can actually cause the color of these fabrics to fade.

Invest In A Lingerie Bag For When Using A Washing Machine Is Unavoidable

In some situations, you may simply have to machine wash these garments. If you are needing to do this with your lingerie items, it is possible to use a lingerie laundry bag when washing them. These mesh bags will allow the lingerie to be effectively cleaned, but they can significantly reduce the risk of the lingerie getting tangled with other garments. When using one of these laundry bags, it is important to ensure that it is fully secured before you place it in the wash. Otherwise, it may open, which could put the lingerie at risk of being damaged. While these bags can reduce the risk of machine washing damaging the lingerie, they will not protect the lingerie from heat-related damage, which means that they will still need to be air-dried after the machine washing.

Remember these tips next time you buy from the kinky lingerie selection at the local lingerie store.