How Businesses Should Style 3 Different Types Of American Made Jeans On Their Clothing Models

There are so many different types of American made jeans out there, so it is important that different jeans are advertised properly by businesses. If you use models of different shapes and sizes to model the different types of jeans that you currently have for sale, you will be able to attract a large variety of customers. The other pieces of clothing and accessories that you add to the jeans can also be a huge selling point. This article will discuss how businesses should style 3 different types of American made jeans on their clothing models. 

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are an excellent choice to style with boots or booties because your customers won't have any trouble pulling their boots over the top of them. They are also very flattering with oversized tops, sweaters, or long cardigans because the tight fit of the pants and loose fit of the top make a great contrast. This can also hide any imperfections that your customer may feel uncomfortable about in their stomach area. For another fun look, you could have your jean model wear a fitted top and tuck it into the top of the skinny jeans and accent it with a belt. This can really show off the model's figure because both the top and the bottom are fitted and flattering in all of the right places.  

Flair Jeans

Flair jeans have definitely started to make a comeback, creating and inspiring several outfits that have a 70s vibe to them. When it comes to picking out footwear to have your model wear with the flair jeans, it is important to remember that you are only going to be able to see the very bottom of them. Heels are a great option, especially if they are a bright color because this will add a great pop of color to the outfit and can really attract the attention of your potential buyer. Fitted tops are also great to go along with the flared pant, and you can add a sleeveless cardigan to your model's outfit to really play on the 70s vibe. Hats and floral headbands also look great with these outfits and are 70s inspired. 

Overall Jeans 

Overall jeans are a timeless style of jean that can be dressed up or down on your model. To dress your overalls up, you can have the model wear a fun pair of heels and a classy blouse. Or, if you can have your model wear a causal look that includes a pair of comfy sneakers and a simple t-shirt or sweater. Also, because overalls can come either fitted or loose, you can have your models wear both types to give your potential buyers a good look at their options.  For more info, contact a jeans manufacturer.