Want Happy Kids? 3 Reasons To Invest In The Best Quality Rain Boots

You may be amazed at the sticker price on some kids' boots and think it's better to invest in the cheapest pair possible. After all, a pair of children's rain boots is a couple of hunks of rubber just waiting to get muddy, right?

There are a few reasons why a decent pair of kids' rain boots represents money well spent. Here are 3 of them:

Happy feet make happy kids.

If you've ever dealt with a child who ends up with cold, wet feet wherever your family goes, you know how frustrating and fun-stopping an uncomfortable child can be.

Whether your family enjoys fishing, gardening, or living where slush and snow line the sidewalks for half of the year, it's worth it to invest in a well-made pair of rain boots for everyone in the household.

Each pair should have good tread, a waterproof lining or coating, and enough insulation for the weather conditions where you live. Remember that wet feet get chilly fast, so be sure boots live up to their waterproof claims.

Extra features help kids help themselves.

You like to wear your most comfortable shoes, which you'll admit are usually your more expensive pairs. Kids are also more likely to wear rain boots when they are well-made and adequately cushioned for small feet.

There's also a simple solution for a toddler who is reluctant to pull on rain gear. Spending a bit extra to purchase rain boots that feature a favorite cartoon character or superhero will make it more likely that you'll see those boots pulled on fast when it's time to go out.

One more footwear asset worth paying for is the boot handle. The better quality boots made for preschool and grade school kids have sturdy, easy-to-grip handles that won't tear no matter how hard they're tugged or how thick the muck that pulls on the boots.

Quality rain boots outlast most kids.

Cheaper rain boots that are worn daily will soon have to be replaced. The lower-quality materials break down under the strain of normal kid activity. If you've got a kid who grows attached to things, they may not take well to a boot trade-in, even if the old boots aren't keeping their feet protected.

High-quality kids' boots stand up to the abuse of children and the elements. Some are made with materials like neoprene that can stand up to kinking and twisting, while also being resistant to water, rot, and UV light damage.

When selecting this year's weather-fighting footwear, pick out the brands and styles that are made to protect feet for the long haul.