Gnarly Threads For A Bodacious Bod: 80s Fashion That's Rad (Again)

For this generation of nostalgia, what's old is new again — and this is particularly true for fashion trends from the 80s, which are coming back into vogue nearly 40 years later. Whether you're anxious to go out and supplement your modern wardrobe or digging in your closet for some old favorites, you'll be glad to know that an old decade can still have some new tricks. But how do you know what specific trends are righteous and which ones are still bad news? [Read More]

Cheap And Easy Ways To Waterproof Your Western Boots

No matter how durable your western boots may seem to be, they can certainly start to break down and let in moisture. If your feet are getting cold and wet while you work, it's time to focus on waterproofing your boots. This list includes several cheap and easy products you can purchase to waterproof your favorite pair of western boots. Wax Toilet Ring  Yes, you read that right. For less than $5 from your hardware store, you can waterproof your western work boots in no time. [Read More]

Performance Tees And Shirts: A Low-Budget Tool For Building Employee Confidence And Bettering Your Brand

Small business owners already know their employees are the critical ingredient in building a recipe for success. But many struggle with the dilemma of finding ways to strengthen employee relationships, especially in situations where the company is young and has not yet had sufficient success to afford employee bonuses or other expensive benefits. These same small businesses may also be dealing with similar issues in finding affordable ways to market and strengthen their brand. [Read More]

3 Custom Accessories Every Woman Needs In Her Handbag

As a woman, your handbag is probably like your traveling companion. This one accessory carries all the items you need to get you through wherever you may be going, which could be a lot of places on a daily basis. Having a purse custom-made is an awesome idea, but it is also a good idea to customize some of those accessories that you carry in your purse just the same. Here is a look at three custom accessories every woman must have in her handbag: [Read More]