How Can You Find Soft T-Shirts If You're Clueless When It Comes To Shopping?

If you want to get softer shirts but aren't a big shopper, you just have to learn a few aspects of the clothing—like the fiber twist count and yarn blend. Read on to learn more about this clothing aspect so you end up with a comfy shirt.

What are fiber twists?

To break it down, when fibers are twisted you get threads (or singles). When threads are then twisted or spun on a spindle, you get yarns and cords. In general, the more times fiber is twisted, the softer it is.

For example, you may have seen a t-shirt that's described as 25 single ring-spin. The number indicates the diameter of the yarn. So if the number is higher, that means the yarn is softer because the threads have been twisted together more times.

So what's the difference between ring-spun, tri-blend, and soft-spun?

While the count of fiber twists is arguably the top factor in determining softness, there are other factors too. Terms like ring-spun, tri-blend, and soft-spun refer to how the shirt was made and what materials were used to make it.

For instance, a ring-spun shirt is made of an all-cotton yarn, while a tri-blend (as the name suggests) blends three types of yarn, like cotton, polyester, and rayon. A ring-spun shirt and a soft-spun shirt might be made of the same yarn, like cotton, but the way the fibers are spun is different.

So which t-shirt type is the best for softness? Both ring-spun and soft-spun shirts are better than regular woven cotton, since both techniques thin the cotton strands to make them fine, durable ropes of fiber. S

However, cotton doesn't flow or have a "give" to it as a tri-blend t-shirt does, so if you are looking for both stretchiness and softness, then a tri-blend t-shirt may be better.

Can't Decide on a Choice; Remember Considerations Besides Softness

Obviously a soft t-shirt is great for comfort, but don't forget other aspects to help you make your decision, such which activities you'll be doing in the t-shirt, how often you shop, etc.

For instance, do you need soft t-shirts for working out? If so, then you likely want a tri-blend shirt along with your high fiber-twist count. Tri-blends keep your muscles warm, but the polyester and rayon help to wick moisture away and are flowy so that you aren't constricted in movement. If you need a nicer t-shirt for work or a date, then a ring-spun or soft-spun cotton might be a good choice since they are comfortable but look nicer than your average woven cotton shirt.

Do you seldom shop and need a soft shirt that will last a long time? If so, then perhaps a ring-spun shirt with a high fiber-twist count would be better because these shirts don't pill or break down as easily as soft-spun shirts.

Keep these tips in mind when you are shopping for a men's ultra soft flowy tee-shirt online or in your local area.