5 Fashion Tips For Cowgirls

If you want to be a cowgirl, and you want to embrace a western style of dress, it is important to know some of the essential fashion tips of dressing like a stylish cowgirl.  

Embrace the Denim

If you want to really dress like a cowgirl, you need to embrace the denim! Denim is a hallmark of the cowgirl style, and there are so many ways you can embrace denim. You can put on a pair of classic blue jeans, or you can wear a cute summer blue jean skirt. There are even lots of denim tops, jackets, and vests that you can wear!  

Now, keep in mind wearing denim head to toe may be a little much, but having a piece of denim in your outfit is the key to a great cowgirl outfit. 

Find Some Cowgirl Boots

Next, you need to find some cowgirl boots that you really love. Cowgirl boots usually come with a little bit of a heel to them, which helps provide your legs with a little definition. There are boots in so many different styles and colors. You can get boots with short heels or taller heels. You can get shorter boots that stop around your ankles or go for a more traditional boot look that goes up around your calf. These boots can go with just about every outfit you put together, so start building your collection. 

Western Style Jewelry 

You need some western-style jewelry to go with the outfits you put together. For western-style jewelry, you can buy Native American jewelry. They create very beautiful beaded jewelry. Make sure you are buying from an authentic supplier and you are not buying from someone who is trying to copy their style. 

You can also purchase turquoise jewelry, which is highly associated with Western jewelry. Cowgirls wear jewelry, so don't be afraid of adding necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry to your outfits.  

Get Some Button-Down Shirts

Finally, add some button-down shirts to your wardrobe. Although plaid flannel is the style most associated with cowgirl wear, it is by far the only style you can embrace. Go for straight colored button-down flannels or entirely different types of button-down shirts. As long as the shirt is button-down, you are embracing the cowgirl style. 

Dressing like a cowgirl is not that difficult. As long as your outfit has some elements described above, it will pass the cowgirl test. With options like those offered by Cowboy Up Apparel, you can find what you need.