Beachy Keen: 5 Great Gifts For Women Who Love The Beach

If you have a friend or family member who loves the beach, consider yourself lucky. When their birthday or the holidays roll around, you will never lack ideas for great gifts. From beach hats to beach totes, you're sure to find something your beach-loving friend will be thrilled with.

Floppy beach hats

There's just something about a floppy beach hat that evokes thoughts of long strolls on a sunny beach or relaxing days spent sitting in your favorite lounge chair, sipping an ice-cold beverage. Beach hats are both practical and fashionable, and you can never have too many.  

Look for floppy beach hats in the recipient's favorite color. If you don't know their favorite color, go with a neutral shade like white or beige. Shop for hats that are crush and wrinkle proof, and can be rolled up and placed in a suitcase for travel. Choosing a personalized floppy beach hat is a nice touch and makes for a more intimate gift. Check out companies like Designs Bi K to start shopping!

A great tote bag

Shopping for the perfect beach tote bag may seem a bit overwhelming when there are so many options. However, a great beach tote is roomy, has a zipper closure to keep out the elements, has plenty of inside and outside pockets to hold necessities, and is easy to wash or wipe clean. Choose a tote in a bold color or design for fun, and you can use the tote as a gift bag if you are purchasing other beach-themed items.

Beach-themed books or novellas

Who doesn't love to read a good book on the beach? There is no shortage of great beach reads, and your gift recipient will appreciate any book with a beach theme. Add a novelty bookmark with a beachy design to make your gift even more special. If your gift recipient prefers reading online, you can choose a gift card to be used to purchase and download books.

A new beach chair

Uncomfortable and boring beach chairs are a thing of the past. Today's chairs are designed for comfort and practicality. Look for a chair with a headrest, built-in cooler, towel bar, and storage pouches to hold cell phones and other items. Whether you select a bold color or a cute beach design, a great beach chair is a gift that will keep giving year after year.

A portable charger

There's nothing more frustrating than having a great playlist for the beach and missing out on the great music because your phone or electronic device has a battery that drains in a few hours. A portable charger can be tossed into a beach tote and will ensure your beach-loving friend never misses another beat.

Shopping for the beach lover in your life is fun and easy when you stick with a few beach basics. You will feel great knowing your gift will be both practical and fashionable, and the recipient will enjoy having a beach-themed gift that will last for years to come.