How To Buy Women's Underwear That Best Compliments Your Shape

Purchasing women's underwear for sale isn't as simple as choosing a color and selecting a fabric. Ladies want to look and feel confident, and foundation garments are the first place to start when you want to achieve that emotion. Below is a list of body shapes and the underwear styles that best compliment them. 

Pear Shape

Women who identify as a pear shape, which is also sometimes referred to as a bell shape, tend to be a little larger on the bottom and smaller up on top. Low-rise and bikini cuts work well for a pear shape and are a great choice because they are more flattering in just the right areas. They give the appearance of longer legs while also making your thighs look slimmer. Additionally, this type of underwear helps your hips and shoulders come across as more balanced. 

Hourglass Shape

Ladies who are said to have an hourglass shape, or an athletic figure, have smaller waists with larger tops and bottoms. Some would say the hourglass shape has the most desirable symmetry and for this body type a thong would work well. Thongs can be worn under any material pant, short, or skirt without showing any panty lines. Women with an athletic figure who are uncomfortable wearing thongs would also do well with a pair of boy shorts. Boy shorts are seamless just like the thongs and still flatter the backside.  

Apple Shape

Those who are heavier on the top and slimmer on the bottom are said to have an apple shape. This body type is the exact opposite of the pear shape and looks much better in a high waist brief because they help the hips look wider and the bust a little smaller. When browsing women's underwear for sale, this body type will find a few different high waist briefs to choose from. Some offer control top panels, while others are loose and lacy. 

Banana Shape

A banana figure is one that has similar measurements in their top, middle, and bottom sections. Straight is another good word to describe this type of body. If your body fits this description then you'll want to look for hipster briefs. This type of cut is lower on the abdomen, but wider in the hip area. It gives the hips of someone with a banana shape a little more definition and hugs the backside in all the right places.