Four Thoughtful Gifts For A Girl Who Is Turning One

Have you been invited to a little girl's first birthday party? Finding a gift that stands out is not always easy. After all, everyone will probably be giving her toys; does she really need one more? If your goal is to give a gift that will really be put to use and create good memories, here are some ideas to get you started.

An outfit for the party.

Reach out to the parents a week or two before the party, and tell them you want to give their daughter her gift a little early. Give her a special dress that she can wear to the actual first birthday party. Shop online boutiques to find something really beautiful with a lot of ruffles and frills. Make sure it's an extravagant dress that's fit for the special occasion. If you're not sure what size she wears, ask her parents before ordering; you won't have time to exchange the gift if it doesn't fit.

An outfit for another upcoming occasion.

If you really want to give your gift at the party, then consider giving her an outfit she can wear for some other upcoming occasion. Is there going to be a wedding in the family? Perhaps Christmas is just around the corner. Choose the occasion, and then look for a special dress that fits. For instance, a red velvet dress with white lace embellishments may be perfect for Christmas. Make sure you include a note with the dress explaining to the parents that it is to be worn on a specific occasion.

A scrapbook for her second year.

Many parents keep detailed notes and photos of their baby's first year. They were probably given items like scrapbooks and photo albums for this purpose when she was born. But what about her second year? That deserves to be documented, too, so give her a scrapbook that her parents can fill up over the coming months. You may also want to supply some basic scrapbooking items like decorative paper and stickers. When she's older, she will really enjoy having a book of pictures and memories created by her parents and provided by you.

Jewelry to grow with her.

There are necklaces and bracelets that you can add charms to over time. If you give one of these to the little girl now, you can purchase her another charm or two every year until the bracelet or necklace is filled up. Eventually, she'll have many years' worth of memories to reflect on as she looks over the charms.

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