3 Ways To Mix Fur Capes With Casual Wear

Whether you love real fur or opt for the faux version to vamp up your style, you want to show off your favorite classically soft pieces as often as you can. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to wear your trendy fur capes; rather, you can mix them with deliberately casual styles to create a whole new look. Here are ways you can pull off fur and casual dress at the same time while looking amazing.

Rock it out

Fur and leather (real or otherwise) go hand-in-hand and create a lovely mix of textures that are hard to ignore. Don your favorite pair of slouchy or skinny jeans, a pair of leather boots, and that fur cape you love. If you don't own any leather clothing, then opt for a leather headband, cuff, or choker necklace to add the rocking texture you need to make your outfit complete.

Print your style boldly

Graphic t-shirts are a fun way to make your fur cape stand out in a trendy, not-so-classic way. Grab your favorite printed t (or borrow one from your boyfriend for the drapey, layered look), and a pair of lighter wash jeans with casual sneakers to complete this look. You can wear your fur cape with a printed t shirt to the park, a party, or just out to run errands without looking like you are trying too hard or waiting for an important event.

Jumpsuit personality

Jumpsuits and rompers are popular due to their ease of wear: you simply put the attire on and you have a matching top and bottom that hugs your body perfectly. While these outfits are typically stand-alone in style, if you have a jumpsuit or romper that has simple patterns or is just a solid single color, your fur cape can be the perfect accessory to complete your look. Forgo the jewelry to keep the look casual, and slip on your favorite sliders or loafers for a comfortable, stylish look that takes seconds to complete.

If you own a fur cape, then you are lucky in many ways. Not only can you enjoy this iconic fashion piece for major occasions, you can wear it casually to nearly any event as well. Grab your favorite worn-in jeans, some simple jewelry to accessorize, and let your imagination take over. You will quickly realize you can wear your fur cape whenever you wish and look amazing while doing so. For more inspiration, check out companies like A Furrier - David Appel Furs.