5 Reasons To Put On A Pair Of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are as comfortable as a hammock strung between two old oaks and four times as beautiful. Quintessentially American and an integral part of the culture of the West, you know that just putting them on makes you feel better no matter what's on your agenda for the day. Do you really need reasons to slip on your favorite pair of boots? Just in case you think you do, following are five of them.

You've Got a Sundress

True country girls were wearing cowboy boots with sundresses long before Taylor Swift popularized the look. If you've got a sundress and a pair of cowboy boots, you're good to go for anything except the most formal of occasions. Cowboy boots pair particularly well with dresses with a casually Western or country flavor -- think flowered cotton mini dresses or flowing, knee-length skirts worn with tank tops for summer days and nights.

You're Getting Married

You can still be raised in the city and be a country girl at heart. If that's you, why not forgo stuffy satin shoes and walk down the aisle in your favorite pair of cowboy boots? Slip on a flirty white dress, paint your fingernails peony pink, grab an armful of wildflowers, put your boots on, and get married as the woman you are instead of some pale reproduction out of the latest glossy bridal magazine.

You're Going Horseback Riding

Cowboy boots didn't exactly start out as fashion footwear. Nothing beats them for riding because they're functional, comfortable, and designed to fit perfectly into the stirrup with safety in mind. The heel height prevents the boot from becoming caught in the stirrup in the event that you're thrown or otherwise unseated, which will stop you from being dragged by the horse.

Your Boots Were Made for Walking

The cowboys and cowgirls of the American West didn't spend all their time on horseback. In fact, they often had to walk, and their boots needed to be up to the task. Cowboy boots have well-supported arches which are ideal for long walks down city streets, country lanes, or anything in between.

You've Got Old Jeans

A pair of well-worn jeans with an attractive pair of cowboy boots will never go out of style. Comfortable and classy, this combination is ideal for for casual days and nights in both country and city. A traditional look that always works with cowboy boots and jeans is a soft, white cotton shirt and pearl stud earrings.

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